SJV Time Again

SJVs and booksIt’s that time again: Nominations are now open for the SFFANZ Sir Julius Vogel Awards. I have a couple of stories that are eligible for the ballot, which I’ll share below, and there have also been a few works which have really stood out for me this year which I think you ought to consider. Anyone can nominate for the SJVs, and it’s free, so if there’s a work out there by a Kiwi writer or artist or fan, please do consider participating in our national SFF awards, and show your appreciation.

The categories are:

Professional Categories:
Best Novel
Best Youth Novel
Best Novella or Novelette
Best Short Story
Best Collected Work
Best Artwork
Dramatic Presentation
Best Production/Publication
Best New Talent

Fan Categories:
Best Fan Writing
Best Fan Artwork
Best Fan Production/Publication

Special Awards:
Services to Fandom
Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror

For my part, I have four short stories which are eligible this year. They are:

Children of the Tide (Horror)

Keeping an Open Mind (Horror)

Jack in the Box (Childrens)

Dada (Dieselpunk) – Collaboration with Grant Stone and Matthew Sanborn Smith

And there are a few more works and people I would like to recommend you check out, as they are worth the recognition.

Novel: Engines of Empathy, by Paul Mannering (Paper Road Press, 2014)

Novel: Dawn’s Early Light, by Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris (Ace Books, 2014)

Novella: Trading Rosemary, by Octavia Cade (Masque Books, 2014)

Short Story: Inside Ferndale, by Lee Murray (SQ Mag, 2014)

Short Story: Always Falling Up, by Grant Stone (Use Only as Directed, Peggy Bright Books, 2014)

Production: Baby Teeth – Bite-sized Tales of Terror Audiobook (Eds Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray, Produced by Chris Barnes)

New Talent: AJ Fitzwater

NOTE: This is my blog, so these opinions are my own entirely, and have nothing whatsoever to do with any fan or writing group that I might be associated with. I reserve the right to update this list with impunity as I think of other works I like. If you think I’ve missed something amazing, please leave a comment so I know to check it out.

Go forth! Read! Nominate! Get involved!


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