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Here you will find links to works of mine that are hovering about in one form or another. Read, listen, buy, enjoy.

Baby Teeth – Bite-sized Tales of Terror – Horror – Winner, Best Collected Work, 2014 Sir Julius Vogel Awards; Winner, Best Edited Work, 2014 Australian Shadows Awards

Endgame – Horror –

Bridge – Horror, Flash – 1st Place Equal, SpecFicNZ Spooky Stories Competition

Jack in the Box – Childrens –

Dada – Dieselpunk – As part of Cerberus Writing Band

Children of the Tide – Horror – Winner, AHWA/Melbourne Zombie Con 2013 Short Story Contest

Keeping an Open Mind  – Horror – 3rd Place, SQ Magazine Short Story Contest 2013

Where the River Shines – Steampunk – In the anthology Ministry Protocol, winner of the 2014 Steampunk Chronicles Reads’ Choice Awards

Come is the Wolf in her Wounding – Dark Fantasy –

Mother’s Milk – Horror –

Solitary – Flash –

The Crooked Mile – Weird West –

Remnants – Dark Fantasy – Featured on the Tangent Online 2013 Recommended Reading List

Silver, Sharp as Silk – Dark Fantasy – In the anthology Dreaming of Djinn, winner of the Tin Duck Award for Best WA Professional Edited Work 2014

All That Glitters  – Steampunk – Sir Julius Vogel Awards Short Fiction Category, 2014: Finalist

Waking the Taniwha  – Steampunk – Sir Julius Vogel Awards Short Fiction Category, 2014: Finalist

Paint By Numbers  – Science Fiction – Sir Julius Vogel Awards Short Fiction Category, 2013: Finalist

The Bone Plate – Horror –

Crucible  – Science Fiction – Winner, SpecFicNZ/Wily Writers Short Story Contest 2012; Sir Julius Vogel Awards Short Fiction Category, 2012: Finalist

Digital Sleeper – Thriller –

Pick Your Battles – Horror –

Urban Driftwood – Poetry/Flash Fiction, Literary –

Vondal’s Vandals – Fantasy –

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