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ASIM60_frontcover-722x1024Cerberus Roars!

Care for a bit of dieselpunk, or maybe some surreaselpunk? Dada, the first story written together with my writing band Cerberus has just been released, in Issue #60 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. (Once Issue #61 goes live, that link will need to be updated. I’ll try to remember. If I haven’t just click on Back Issues and scroll to the bottom).

Cerberus is a writing band comprising the weird and wonderful talents of the Discorobot himself, Grant Stone, and the one and only Hairy Mango, Matthew Sanborn Smith. This is our first published piece and we very much hope it won’t be the last. Giant robots! Homicidal machines! Strange loves that we may never understand! What more could you want in a story?

ASIM 60 is available in print, PDF, epub, and mobi.

Ministry ProtocolThe River Speaks!

Have you been hanging out for the audio version of Ministry Protocol – Thrilling Tales of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences? Well, here it is!

Included in this collection is the audio of my story, Where the River Shines. There’s a sample below for your teasery pleasure. Yay! Kiwi Steampunk!



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