Digital Sleeper

Razak takes great pride in his work, but when the deadly weapon he has created threatens the one thing he truly loves, will he be able to stop it in time?

Described by some as “dark”, “disturbing”, “thought-provoking”, and a “creepy, well-crafted techno terrorism thriller”, Digital Sleeper can be found as a free audio download at the Every Photo Tells podcast.

Here’s a sample:

Razak swooped down the narrow steps, ducked through the kitchen, and flew out the back door. At eighteen years old he was tall, but not big. His long legs carried him across the untended garden in a few bounds, and he stepped into the toolshed, his eyes adjusting to the dim light within. “Nahr?”

Nahr ignored him. Older than Razak by three years and carrying all the weight that his brother had never quite gained after puberty, he was easing something into a backpack.

“You can’t take it. We haven’t had the word.”

Nahr zipped up the backpack. “I have.”

Razak folded his arms, tried not to let the words sting him. “It’s not just yours. We made it together. It’s ours.”

Nahr hefted the pack onto his shoulders and met Razak’s gaze. “It’s not ours. We made it for the Cell, and the Cell have called for it. Be thankful that they haven’t called on you to deliver it to the world.”

Razak heard the words that Nahr didn’t say:

I am a Soldier. You are not.


You are valuable to them. I am expendable.

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