Here you’ll find links to narrations I’ve done for podcasts. From whole stories to cameo voice roles, I’ve dabbled in a bit of everything. If you need an extra voice for a project, especially with a Kiwi accent, leave a comment here, and I’ll be in touch.

Tales to Terrify – “A Pocket of Madness”, by Samuel Marzioli

Pseudopod – “Kintsugi”, by Bo Balder

Tales to Terrify – “What the Darkness Asks in Return”, by Jeremy Szal

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – “TheWild Ride of the Untamed Stars”, by AJ Fitzwater

Tales to Terrify – “Our Last Meal”, by J Ashley-Smith

Tales to Terrify – “House of Dolls”, by Jeremy Szal

Tales to Terrify – “The Keeper”, by Diane Awerbuck

Tales to Terrify – “Redback Jack“, by Cameron Trost

Tales to Terrify – “Duiweltjie“, by Diane Awerbuck

Tales to Terrify – “Memoirs of a Teenage Antichrist”, by Shane J Cummings

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – “Moogh and the Great Trench Kraken”, by Suzanne Palmer

Tales to Terrify – “Burning, Always Burning“, by Felicity Dowker & Alan Baxter

Tales to Terrify – “Thank You for Choosing Evil“, by Christopher Munroe

Plan B – “The Mystery of the Missing Puskat”, by Lavie Tidhar

Tales to Terrify – “White“, by Grant Stone, from Baby Teeth – Bite-sized Tales of Terror

Tales to Terrify – “The Immaculate Particle”, by Charlie Human

Inkslingers – “Giant”, by Jack Newhouse, from Baby Teeth – Bite-sizedTales of Terror

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – “The Goblin King’s Concubine”, by Raphael Ordonez

StarShipSofa – “Paint by Numbers“, by Dan Rabarts

Crime City Central – “Something Pretty, Something Beautiful“, by Eric Barnes

Tales to Terrify – “The Muse of Copenhagen”, by Nina Allen

Tales to Terrify – “Graffiti Sonata”, by Gene O’Neill

Wily Writers – “Wearing the Star Cloak”, by Darian Smith

StarShipSofa – “Ignoring the Overlay” by JM Perkins

StarShipSofa – “Heroes of the Third Millenium“, by Hugh Cook

StarShipSofa – “Linkworlds“, Will McIntosh

The Dreamer’s Thread by Starla Huchton – “General Cross” in Episodes 21 & 23.

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