Hugh Cook – The Wordsmith and the Warrior

Having been a vocal fan of New Zealand fantasy author Hugh Cook up to the time of his death in 2008, I was invited by the family to write an obituary for him when he passed away after battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma for several years. I treated this invitation as a great honour, and did my utmost to capture what I could of this fine author’s life in a very short space of words.

Shortly thereafter, I expanded this obituary into an article on his life and work, which I published as part of New Zealand Speculative Fiction week in 2009. It was republished by World SF Blog, and went on to receive a nomination for the Sir Julius Vogel Award, in the same year that I ran a nomination for Hugh for his services to the genre.

The article was also produced and narrated as an audio piece by Grant Stone, and appeared on StarShipSofa’s episode 150 (mp3 audio).

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7 Responses to Hugh Cook – The Wordsmith and the Warrior

  1. anon says:

    Was there any success in changing the settings on Lulu to allow access to “To Find and Wake the Dreamer” and some of his other works that were inaccessible?
    Any chance that his family is interested in making them available on readers/tablets?

    Thanks for keeping his work alive.

    • Dan says:

      The last time I was in touch with Hugh’s family there was a long-term plan in place to wade through much of his legacy of work and make things available. Understandably, this was a fairly monumental task which most of the close family members were either not in a position to undertake due to the complexity of the jobs and the required expertise or the emotional strain of going through Hugh’s effects.

      Out of respect for the family, I have left them alone to deal with these things in their own time and their own ways, and when they are ready I will be certain to step back in and lend a hand.

      Hugh had a passion for all forms of media, and in particular with e-book formats (long before the e-book market as we know it ha even emerged, much less taken the shape it is now) and audio forms (long before the proliferation of the podcast), so I am sure that in honoring his legacy, there will be significant attention paid to making his works available in ebook and audio formats. I certainly hope to be involved in that when it happens.

  2. Jesse says:

    Just to let anyone interested know, two of the volumes of his Oceans of Light series are currently available on Lulu. Google “North of Paradise by Hugh Cook”, and the Lulu listing comes up. “West of Hell” is also available. For some more listings on Lulu, google “Hugh Cook in Literature & Fiction”.

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  4. blah says:

    An update on this.. as an owner of West of Heaven I have been looking for years to try and get the other two, North of Paradise and West of Hell. They are both now finally available on lulu (as I just discovered via googling for them). So now the whole trilogy is available at last. West of Heaven is a great read and I have no doubt that the other two will be similarly awesome.

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