Tipuna Tapu

And Then Vol 1

Winner: Paul Haines Award for Long Fiction  – Australian Shadows Awards 2016

Finalist: Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novella/Novelette 2016

Big adventure awaits in And Then…The Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Volume 1, from Clan Destine Press, including tales penned by some of the best in Australian fiction, plus kiwis Lucy Sussex and I.

My contribution, the novella Tipuna Tapu is a tale set in a post-apocalyptic dieselpunk Aotearoa, where humanity struggles to survive while the monsters of legend – dragons, ogres, kaiju, taniwha – stalk the world.

And Then… Volume One is available in paperback and ebook, and Volume 2 is due for release in 2017.

Here’s a list of the stories in Volume 1:

  • Sulari Gentil ~ Catch a Fallen Star
  • Jason Nahrung ~ The Mermaid Club
  • Alan Baxter ~ Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade
  • Jason Franks ~ Exli and the Dragon
  • Lucy Sussex ~ Batgirl in Borneo
  • Amanda Wrangles ~ Come Now, Traveller
  • Evelyn Tsitas ~ Stealing Back the Relics
  • Peter M Ball ~ Deadbeats
  • Narrelle M Harris ~ Moran & Cato: Virgin Soil
  • Dan Rabarts ~ Tipuna Tapu
  • Kat Clay ~ In the Company of Rogues
  • Sophie Masson ~ The Romanov Opal
  • Tor Roxburgh ~ The Boudicca Society
  • Emilie Collyer ~ The Panther’s Paw
  • Tansy Rayner Roberts ~ Death at the Dragon Circus

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