New story released in Australia’s Aurealis magazine

Aurealis 62 CoverThis week issue #62 of Aurealis magazine, a stalwart of the genre in this part of the world, came out featuring my dark fantasy piece, Remnants.

You can grab a copy of the ebook from Smashwords, in a range of formats, for next to nothing.

Remnants is a tale of an emperor in the fading days of an empire, and the tragedy of what he really lost, long before he had an empire to grieve. I wrote this story almost two years ago, after seeing the masts of several pleasure boats behind a sandbank in Abel Tasman Park. These boats sail into a sandy lagoon at high tide, put down their struts and wait for the tide to go out, at which point they’re left high and dry on a sandy beach. From this came the image of a fleet of stranded ships, and then I just let my characters draw me down into their harrowing world, for about 5000 words.

You can read the first few pages at the Smashwords site. I hope you like it.

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