May Update on All The Things

SJV Winner EmblemI thought when I did my last blog post that I had a lot to cover in one go, and I also thought I’d do well to do more frequent posts here to save myself being in this situation again, but here I am. Another bullet point post of all the happenings in my writerly life since February.

  • Hounds of the Underworld won the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel 2017 at this year’s Nat Con held in Auckland!! So grateful to everyone who nominated and voted, and especially to my co-writer Lee Murray for being such a powerful force to work with.
  • StokerCon. Wow. What a trip, what an experience. I’ve written a report on it, but have yet to get it out there. Because of All The Things that are also going on. A lot of opportunities came out of StokerCon, including:
  • Raw Dog Screaming Press have picked up the third book in the Path of Ra series, of which Hounds of the Underworld is the first, with the second book, Teeth of the Wolf, due out in September. Lee and I have things in place for Book 3 and are looking forward to writing it.
  • static1.squarespace.comUS independent press Omnium Gatherum have accepted the first two books in my dark-fantasy-yet-madcap series, Children of Bane. The first book, Brothers of the Knife, is currently going through edits and is due for release in September. Book 2, Sons of the Curse, will be out early next year. The series is planned out to 5 books in total, so I have a lot of word count targets in my future!
  • My alternate personality as a podcast narrator continues to burble away, with the production of Joseph Ashley-Smith’s dour, bloody tale Our Last Meal just released on Tales to Terrify, and a further podcast due to drop very soon at Beneath Ceaseless Skies for fellow kiwi spec-fic writer AJ Fitzwater.
  • My short story Riptide, after a long and painful birth, will be appearing in Suspended in Dusk II, due out from Grey Matter Press on July 10th.
  • Another short story of mine, The Silence at the Edge of the Sea, will be published in Cthulu Land of the Long White Cloud from IFWG Publishing in Australia before the end of the year.

And there are things going on the background which I can’t mention,because they’re simply so very exciting that it would possibly break the internet to do so. And that wouldn’t be very fair.

So here’s that list of guest posts and interviews I promised you last time:

With Alan Baxter

With Angela Slatter

With Lee Murray

With Jenni Sands

With Joseph Ashley-Smith at AHWA


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