Going to Melbourne!

Well, it’s official: my bid to attend Continuum X, the 53rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention being held in Melbourne this June, under the auspices of the FFANZ programme (Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand), has been successful.CX banner image On the back of a record number of votes, the New Zealand writing and fan community have made their voices heard, and they have said that they would like little ol’ me to stand up and represent us across the ditch.

I’m honoured by this, and I will do my utmost to put this country’s best foot forward. I’d like to thank everyone who thought I was worthy of a vote, and especially Paul Mannering, Lee Murray and Geoff Brown who backed my original bid with FFANZ.

So what now? Well, aside from representing New Zealand, I am now also the administrator of the fund, which means that the road to raising funds for the 2015 delegate starts now. I will be seeking donations of books and other things which I can fit into a suitcase to take to Melbourne and auction off as a part of the fundraising effort. I will be contacting some people directly, but if you would like to donate something, and earn my undying gratitude in return, please drop a comment here and I will get in touch.

Look out Australia, here I come!

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