Double-shot of Kiwi Horror hits Australia

SQ13 coverBig day.

Not one but two stories of mine appeared in different Australian publications today. Both are competition winners, both of them creepy as all hell. Yes, Australia got a double-dose of Kiwi horror today, and I hope it leaves a few people shivering, or even shaking.

Children of the Tide is my first-place winning entry in the 2013 Melbourne Zombie Convention Short Story Contest, and appears on the Midnight Echo website, which is the magazine for the Australian Horror Writers Association. You can also find an interview with me there, talking zombies and climate change and power tools.

Keeping an Open Mind, which took third place in the SQ Mag Short Story Contest 2013, is a short, rather brutal piece that slips from philosophy into butchery in just a couple of pages.

You can read both these stories for free, so please go and follow the links and get hold of them. But be warned – they are not for the faint-hearted.

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